C- Level Experience
Dr Wong has held C-level positions in both large and small companies.  He has mentored staff, grown teams and departments as well as aligned global regions.  Dr Wong has had P&L responsibility as well as strategic responsibiliy.  He has also transformed businesses scaling them from a small business to a large enterprise.  In recognition of his experience at the CEO and senior executive level he has attained the prestigious Certified CEO award from the CEO Institute. 

Executive Director and CEO
Denbigh International

since October 2014 

As a leader in Denbigh International, have grown a business that offers a unique service to the education sector.  Denbigh International was founded in 1998 and offered consulting services to the education sector.  When I came onboard in late 2014, I transformed the business and expanded it across Asia Pacific.  I developed the offerings of the company, introducing digital solutions, cloud solutions, IoT and innovation in the business and learning analytics area.  I also restructured the development, sales and consulting teams, and introduced new processes resulting in the increase of sales and improved quality.

Major Contributions
  • Led the company’s vision, sales, marketing, offerings and operations to formulate and manage the implementation of strategies and to identify and capitalize on opportunities to grow the business and elevate its profitability.
  • Increased revenue and market share of a number of clients, by introducing new business models, new offerings and new solutions resulting in expanding their business.
  • Reduced the expenses for a number of clients by modernizing software applications, automating and optimizing processes, integrating and consolidating systems so that there is improved efficiency and optimized performance.
Chief Technologist | Global Offering & Capability Director
EDS and Hewlett-Packard

August 2009 – September 2014

As Global Strategic Capability Manager and the Global Offering Director for Transformation Consulting, Applications Modernization, SOA, Cloud, Mobility and Analytics, have made substantive contributions to the growth in these areas of the company’s business. As a Chief Technologist and Program Director, has become a trusted advisor to many enterprise clients, introducing innovative solutions for business & IT transformation especially with regards to the emerging technologies of cloud, mobility and analytics. Had both management roles and Individual Contributor roles.

Major Contributions
  • Pivotal role in the development and implementation of the business plan for the delivery of applications for cloud and mobility. Has included defining the offering and delivery strategy, developing and agreeing to the business plan and project plans.
  • Led consulting and architecture teams to work with clients, in developing their IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture.
  • Developed strategies, new processes and tools, and enhanced capabilities, as instrumental contributions to the growth of the company’s applications modernization and cloud business pipeline.
  • Led the Global Capability and offering team to elevate the knowledge, skills, competency and best practice of project managers, consultants and architects to increase capability by 20% globally over three years, successfully aligning America, EMEA and APJ.
Chief Information Officer

July 2007 – July 2009

Global leader in the development and implementation of intelligent Enterprise Workforce Planning and Management Software Systems for complex workforce environments, specializing in the aviation, ports and logistics sectors: hazardous and complex environments relying on the efficient deployment of expensive state-of-the-art technology and equipment, operated by multi-skilled, highly trained people.  Led the company’s IT, Applications and Consulting functions, with responsibility for formulating and implementing strategies to grow the business, its software products and the consulting team.

Major Contributions
  • Forged strong client relationships to significantly increase sales, additional opportunities and client loyalty.
  • Introduced methodologies, tools and processes that enhanced quality, reduced delivery lead times, reduced red projects, elevated the testing and programming thoroughness, and strengthened inter-team cohesiveness.
  • Enabled the company to increase sales, grow the pipeline and improve the success rate of sales pursuits by introducing new client solutions centered approaches to strategic led sales, which improved the ability to accurately capture requirements, and by implementing more robust client engagement guidelines.
  • Developed the core of the company’s flagship software product by leading the development of the algorithm for a new engine for the company’s rostering system, which optimized resource utilization and could be applied within the industrial relations regulations of different countries.
  • Instrumental in dramatically elevating the quality of the company’s solutions through the development of a product skeleton to accelerate the process of customizing solutions, ensure that the initial product was tested thoroughly before being enhanced and enable focus on the elements being customized.

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