Startup Mentoring
I mentor startups and entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.
I help startups commercialise and turn their dreams into reality.
I help automate and develop the technical solutions of your innovative ideas.
If you are an entrepreneur with a great idea or innovation 
but do not know how to start or how to build a startup company.
Talk to me if you need a mentor!!!
Do you need funding?  Investors? Venture Capital?  Seed money?
  • I will guide you and journey with you as a strategic partner, aligning your ideas to your potential business and ensure IT is utilized in the best way.
  • I will teach you how to validate or tweak your idea, your new product or offering so that it works ... learn about Lean Startup Machine!!!
  • I will stand in as your CEO, CIO  or CTO and help you build your management team.
  • I will guide you in how to setup a formal structure, with a board, an advisory council, a public company.
  • I will teach you how to setup a strategic plan for your new business.
  • I will help supervise your R&D department, your Masters by research or PhD students.

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